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Help for Our Customers Who Need It Most


西班牙&E offers important resources for our senior, disabled, and vulnerable customers. Remember, we’re always available to help.

Help for Those with Medical Issues

Our Medical Baseline program offers a substantial discount to those with specific medical needs.


Bill Assistance for Low-Income 首页s

已经, 超过275个,000 households are benefitting from energy bill discount and free home improvements.


Protect Yourself from Extreme Heat and 中断

For our elderly customers and those who might have certain medical needs, extreme heat can literally be a life-or-death situation. Get notified about state-directed outages.


Always Keep Your Service Connected

Assign a friend or relative to receive any late payment notices you might receive to help prevent a disruption in service.


Help to Keep Seniors Living Independently

If you know someone age 62 and over that might need assistance we can refer you to support services.


Help for Those with Limited Vision

实现可持续发展目标&E bill information in Braille, or have a technician come out to make your thermostat dial easier to use.