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电 Generator 安全

A backup electric generator can be an valuable thing to have when the power goes out. 看看你家里是否需要一个, how to shop for the right generator and use it properly to avoid risking you  and your family’s safety.

Generator 安全

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Generator Basics

备用发电机没有连接到西班牙&E’s power grid. This means that, in the event of an outage, 备用发电机可以让灯重新亮起来, keep appliances running, 并为必要的设备和电子设备供电.

The two main types of residential generators are portable and permanent standby.

Portable Generator

Portable generators 是为了提供基本需要的临时电力. 价格从几百美元到1000多美元不等. It is extremely important to determine what size generator you will need and how to operate it safely before running it for the first time.

Permanent Generator

Permanent standby generators are bigger and better equipped to power larger structures, such as an entire home, if sized properly. When a power outage occurs, they turn on automatically and turn off when power is restored. These generators require professional installation from a licensed electrician.

All generators installed with an Auto Transfer Switch require a Backup Generator Application submitted to 西班牙&E for review and approval. 

Complete Application

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Generator Calculator

Find out which generator size would meet your needs and help support you during an outage.

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Power outages can happen at any time, sometimes lasting for a few hours or days at a time. 备用发电机是你自己的个人电源.

备用发电机并不适合所有人. They can be loud when running, 昂贵的, require regular maintenance, 如果使用不当,可能会导致安全隐患. 记住这一点和你的电力需求.

If you meet the criteria outlined below, consider getting a backup generator for your home. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur to determine whether you’re reliant on a steady stream of power.

  • Medical Needs

你的医疗设备是否依赖电力, such as assistive technology, breathing machines, a power wheelchair or scooter, home oxygen or dialysis? 你的药必须冷藏吗?

  • 安全

计划内和计划外的停电经常发生. 你生活在一个经常或长时间停电的地区吗? 那高风险气候区呢? 一些社区更容易受到与天气有关的停电的影响

  • 安慰

在某些情况下,购买发电机的决定完全是个人决定. 你的孩子怕黑吗? You may decide you don’t want to be inconvenienced by a power outage and keep the essentials on to provide household comfort.

  • Energy Needs

在停电的情况下,您希望运行多少家电? What kind of appliances are they? Small or large? 你家里有老年人使用楼梯电梯吗? You’ll figure how much power you need by adding the amount of wattage on each item that you need powered.

  • 燃料来源

You can choose battery, natural gas, gasoline, propane, diesel fuel, and solar with back-up storage.

  • Installation

考虑一下你是需要便携式发电机还是备用发电机. 你的备用发电机需要很容易移动吗? 便携式发电机可能适合你. On the other hand, when the lights go dark, a standby generator will start up in a matter of seconds. 备用发电机需要由持证电工安装.

  • Work with a licensed electrician. Professionals will make sure local, 状态, and national regulations are adhered to when installing the generator and that the generator works properly so it can deliver power when required.
  • 将发电机存放在室外干燥的地方.
  • 避免在雨中运行发电机. 确保盖子盖好,通风良好.
  • 永远不要把发电机插到家里或公司的任何电源插座上. 这就是所谓的反哺,它对你来说是极其危险的, your neighbors, 还有可能在电线上工作的公用事业工人.
  • Read all manufacturer instructions. Make sure you understand them and follow all instructions on properly “grounding” your portable generator.
  • Turn off a gas-powered generator for at least five minutes before refueling to allow it to cool and avoid risk of fire.
  • 把延长线放远一点,这样就不会有绊倒的危险.
  • 如果你用的是燃气发电机, 多储备一些汽油,存放在冰箱里, well-ventilated location – preferably outside your home or business and away from sources of heat.
  • Always run your generator at least 20 feet from your home or business and make sure the exhaust is being directed away from your location.   
  • 确保电力负荷不超过制造商的额定.
  • 切勿在发电机运行或发热时给它加油.
  • 定期运行发电机,确保其正常启动和运行.
  • 知道在紧急情况下如何关闭发电机.
  • Always have a fully charged, approved fire extinguisher located near the generator.
  • 任何时候都不要让孩子和宠物靠近发电机,以免造成伤害.
  • Operate the generator only on level surfaces and where it will not be exposed to excessive moisture, 污垢, dust or corrosive vapors.
  • Allow at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the generator when operating.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. 总是给燃料膨胀留有余地.
  • 不要在燃料或发电机附近吸烟.
  • It is recommended that you install battery operated Carbon Monoxide alarms / detectors indoors according to manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Portable Battery Power Stations

  • Portable Power Stations are like a normal household outlet and should be used carefully like any outlet in your home.
  • Read all manufacturer instructions. Make sure you understand them and follow all usage and safety instructions before operating any portable battery.
  • Observe all input / output connection and extension cord ratings to avoid fire or electrical shock.
  • 在通风的地方使用,不要堵塞设备上的风扇开口. 电源在使用时会发热.
  • Do not plug in high usage devices that may quickly drain or even damage your battery (e.g. 便携式取暖器、吹风机、吸尘器等.).
  • 使用后不立即充电. Wait for the unit to cool down. 
  • 避免接触任何种类的液体. 不要在潮湿的条件下操作,如下雨或高湿度. Keep your unit clean and dry.
  • 不要在输出或通风处插入异物.
  • Do not dissemble, 皮尔斯, or otherwise damage power stations or batteries as this may invalidate warranties and may cause them to catch fire or explode.
  • Follow local, 状态 and federal regulations and contact a local battery recycling center for proper disposal.
  • 不要在地毯下插延长线, 可能产生热量的地毯或门, or cord may be damaged. 
  • Ensure replacement batteries and chargers are designed and approved for use with specific devices, 并从设备制造商或授权经销商处购买.
  • Remove lithium-powered devices and batteries from chargers when they are fully charged.

西班牙&E致力于帮助客户, 特别是在高威胁火区(HFTD), 在公共安全停电(PSPS)的情况下. 西班牙&E offers backup power solutions to qualifying customers that can help power your home during a PSPS outage.

Personalized Resiliency Resources

西班牙&E希望帮助您为psp事件和其他中断做好准备. With you in mind, we’ve developed a brief series of questions to help ensure your resiliency during power outages. 我们的 personalized resiliency resources include emergency & vehicle supply lists, local community material, and information on backup power solutions. You will also have the opportunity to provide us with feedback on your additional needs and how 西班牙&E可以帮助你准备应急计划.

Generator Assistance Program

西班牙&E’s Generator Assistance Program Eligibility Requirements (must satisfy all to qualify):

  •  You must have an active 西班牙&E帐户.
  • You must reside in Tier 2 or 3 high fire threat areas, as determined by the CPUC on the  HFTD地图.
  • 您必须在过去3年内经历过PSPS事件.
  • 所选的便携式发电机必须在 西班牙&E Qualified Product List.

符合资格要求的有兴趣的客户可以 learn more here.


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